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saltwater trolling motor
Local fishing boat at the sunset

Different Mounting Options For Trolling Motors

In order to decide which trolling motor is best for your boat, you must take different factors into consideration, such as the mount location, the thrust required, the shaft length, and, of course, the size of your boat. In this …

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trolling motor for a kayak

Whats The Best Trolling Motor For Kayaks?

Kayaking is one of the most common water sports in the world today. Of course, its success has sparked a lot of creativity in the industry, and kayaks are now being used for all sorts of tasks that they wouldn’t …

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The Basics of Trolling Motors

Trolling is a fishing technique that is usually practiced by more experienced fishermen. But, if you are planning to try this technique then the most basic requirement is that you need to have bought a boat of some kind – …

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