About Me

As a salt water / fresh water fisherman / boating enthusiast – catching the fish I dream of keeps me coming back for more

About Frank (Salty)

If you are like me, you also get pumped up and a little over excited after having successfully hunted, hooked and landed the prize fish in a tight, difficult to reach fishing spot.

I caught my first bass after I finally mastered the art of fly fishing from a small boat  and I have been hooked ever since. Of all the fish I have landed my fondest memory is still of that HUGE (almost one  pounder) large mouth Bass.

Yep it was cooked on the open fire and shared among  eight of us and to this day I believe remains the best fish ever tasted.

For Future Generations

  • Friends  introduced me into using trolling motors for both fun and serious fishing  and I have grown to love using them. Their quietness and ease of handling all contributes to what these anglers who use them call “stealth fishing”. They are great for the environment by being pollution free which in this day and age is not something to be scoffed at. Hopefully future generations will also have their time on the water.
  • I have caught many types of  fish all over the word, when sailing on ocean crossings and on lakes and rivers.  I know for a fact that you do not always need the best equipment available  and have  personally  caught some great fish by being in the right place at the right time (luck?) with absolute rubbish tackle and ill equipped boats.
  • What I have discovered the hard way is that by being consistent I am now able to find that perfect spot more often which results in more trips ending with  results that other folk only dream of.
  • Make sure that  your fishing tackle and gear is always in great condition and up to the job.

Buy The Best

Over the years I have learnt  to buy only proven brand products like the very popular Minn Kota’s because they are unlikely to let you down while you are in the thick of things.

I review on this site electric trolling motors that will meet your individual requirements whether  you are a pro, a wanna be pro, the casual fisherman or just love moving quietly about on the water.

There is a motor out there with your name on it.


Fishing for an Adventure
2 guys bass fishing at first light.

Join Me Stealth Fishing

Because I spend most of my time fishing and boating in salt water estuaries, using the salt water transom mount for the tender and a  salt water bow mount for the bigger boat, is my first choice. The bonus is that I can use my salt water motor in fresh water. Never ever use a fresh water motor in salt water conditions or you will soon be buying a new one.

Imagine silently stalking an illusive fish in crystal clear water, offering your lure and hooking it, while all along it was totally unaware of your presence.

Now that’s stealth fishing. Please join me.